Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

At First Baptist Church we cherish our children and raise them up in the way of knowing God.  We have events on Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the school year, and several events throughout the summer to keep the kids connected and continuing to learn about the Lord.  Out Wednesday night kids are known as Kid Kadets because we recognize that we are raising our children to lead God's army one day.  We participate in fun events like our Bible Bucks, weekly Object lessons, scripture memorization, knowing the books of the Bible, and our end of the year Bible Challenge.  One of our biggest priorities to the children at FBC is to show them that they are special in God's eyes and in our, and that the more they know about God and his word the further they will go in this world.  We would love to have your kids join us as well, please contact us today to learn more about our Kid Kadets.

Sunday Mornings


Children's Bible Study
We study a different story/book of the Bible every week, and cover the entire Bible in a three year span.  Each weekly story corresponds to the story they learn on Wednesday nights as well.  


Our kids join the adults and youth in our Sunday church service for the worship and offering so they can see how things are done in church on Sunday mornings, then it is off to Children's church were we do crafts, games, or watch a video related to the weekly Bible story.

Wednesday Nights


Kid Kadets
Our Wednesday nights are a great break for kids during the busy school week.  We start off with an object lesson about the Bible story we are covering that week, this lesson usually incorporates cool science experiments, magic, and many times FIRE!  

Then the kids split up into different classes separated by grade levels and they play games, do crafts, or other activities to learn about the Bible story for that week.  

Bible Bucks

Throughout the year the kids can earn Bible Bucks for things like:
Coming to class each week
Bringing their Bible
Memorizing Scripture
Bringing Friends
Much more.......

Then at the end of the Fall (December) and Spring (May) we host a Bible Buck store,
where the kids are able to spend all the Bible Bucks they have earned throughout the year to
"buy" cool toys, games, gadgets, and more...

FBC's Great Bible Challenge

Our Kid Kadets end the school year with a game show where we test the knowledge of what they have learned all year.
This is done through our Bible Challenge, where the kids are asked questions about
Bible stories,  scripture memorized, and more  covered throughout the year.  
The winners of the Bible Challenge earn Bible Bucks to spend in our Bible Buck store.


Preteen Camp

Our kids finishing 3rd grade through 6th grade are invited to join us for camp at during the summer.  We have a blast swimming, zip lining, playing games, doing crafts, and more.  The whole time learning about God and more about his Word.

Summer Activities

Our summers consists of several different activities that include stuff like; Messy Games, Summer Olympics, Movie Nights, Wet & Wild Games, Back to School Bash, and more....
Vacation Bible School
Every year we spend a week celebrating the latest theme for VBS!  Teaching kids about God and his Son, Jesus Christ.
Our VBS consists of a kick off celebration, crafts, games, story time, dinner, learning about missions, and more.  
We would love to have your kids join us for our VBS week.

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