Pastor Search

Senior Pastor Profile

Based on the Search Committee's  understanding of the Church's needs, characteristics and opportunities for ministry and witness, the following profile will be used to discover candidates for Senior Pastor.


  • An ordained Southern Baptist pastor who accepts the Baptist Faith and Message as his theological statement
  • A graduate of an accredited seminary with at least five years of pastoral experience


  • A disciple who has a personal relationship with Christ and a rich devotional life
  • A dynamic leader with a GOD inspired vision for the Church and possess the ability to inspire and motivate people to follow
  • Minister without distinction, to all members of our church and community regardless of age, race, social status, and wealth, or lack thereof
  • A skilled counselor able to assist members and our community members with personal and spiritual issues
  • Honest, faithful to his family, and confident in his abilities
  • A vision for the spiritual growth of our congregation
  • A gifted teacher with a deep understanding and love for GOD's word and the ability to communicate it in a way that calls people to action


  • FBC is governed by a Board of Deacons and numerous committees.  Candidate must be able to work with the Church's governance
  • Able to guide the Administrative and Ministerial staff
  • Understand the financial needs of FBC, the procedures for handling FBC's finances and be prudent in planning based on that knowledge
  • FBC requires a background check and drug test prior to any offer of employment
While no pastor will be perfect when it comes to embodying these duties/characteristics, all pastors should seek to make progress in each area. As Paul told Timothy: “Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.” (1 Tim 4:15).

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If you would like to send us your resume, please click the link below or email us at  We will accept resumes until 12/31/2022 at which time we will begin to review all applicants.