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Sunday Mornings @ 9 a.m. in the FLEC
When God communicates with His children, it isn't always obvious -- certainly not as obvious as our conversations with friends. We won't receive a text or a phone call. We cant expect Him to comment on our most recent status update or post. Instead, we are called to meet with Him in Prayer.

Over the course of eight sessions, students will discover the importance of communicating with God by taking a closer look at Jesus' prayers. Throughout the Gospel of Luke Jesus teaches us how to depend on God through prayer, what it means to pray continually, as well as how prayer can help us gain wisdom, overcome temptation, and surrender our desires to His.

Too many of us have never experienced the power of prayer simply because we've never been taught the discipline of prayer and that the necessity of making it a priority in our lives. How we pray is important, but THAT we pray is essential.

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To be lost is to be unsettled. Disoriented. Uncertain. There are few things more frustrating than knowing there is a destination out there for you but not being able to reach it. But when you discover your way, there is a flood of relief. You exhale, knowing that you are safe. You have arrived. You are no longer lost. Youʼre found.

The Gospel is God going on record as being one who finds. He is a searching God. Through the cross, He reached into the darkness of sin and shined a light that leads the lost safely home. Through Jesus, the lost are found.

This year, we learned that we experience separation from God because of our sin. But the fantastic news is that our Father stands ready to extend forgiveness and welcome home the lost. But it doesnʼt stop there. We learned that as Christ-followers, our identity is found in the freedom that comes through surrendering to God and His ways. And finally, we learned that we were designed for healthy community with other believers who reach out to the lost and celebrate when they come home.

God means for us to be found. It is His great desire. Lost and Found will help students understand this. Once they do, their lives will never be the same.

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